Complementary Course Information

Complementary courses

Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) builds student understanding of the world around them as they explore their interests and passions to learn about various career possibilities, and occupational area skills, knowledge and technologies.

CTF involves students in planning/designing, creating, appraising and communicating solutions for relevant problems. As students engage in hands on challenges, they develop social/interpersonal, life, and work skills. Student-focused challenges often bring together literacy, numeracy and competencies through an interdisciplinary approach.

Below are just a few examples of complementary courses offered at École Fox Run School during the year.  

Grade 7: 

Illustrative Arts

Homework Helper 

Strategic Games


Film and Technology

Grade 8:

Taste of Everything



Construction and Fabrication

Illustrative Arts 

Homework, Help and Opportunities. 

Cosmetology and Design


Learners Driver Ed