Grades Taught

7 & 8


École Fox Run School is a grade 7 & 8 middle school comprised of adult role models who are dedicated to student achievement. We have high expectations for learning and are committed to enhance each student’s journey from middle school to high school and beyond. We expect each of our students to become lifelong learners and productive, contributing community members.


Don Rattray

We are a Middle School with over 400 grade 7 and 8 students located in Sylvan Lake in Alberta. Lead by our principal Don Rattray, vice principal Tracey Lynn and board of trustees. Our school offers programming in English as well as French Immersion. 

When we say Fox Run is a “Middle School” we mean that we offer the grades between elementary and high school. Middle school aged students have unique needs and challenges. We believe that a successful middle school experience guides students from elementary school to high school and beyond. We also believe that it is our duty to coach our students to become more independent and responsible for their own learning.

We have High Expectations for our Students.

Each student will grow toward increased independence so they can take greater responsibility in their journey to become lifelong learners and productive, responsible community members.

We Have High Expectations for the Families we Serve.

We encourage parents to be positive and supportive partners in their child’s middle school education.

What is The Philosophy that Drives our School?

We organize the school so that each class has one main teacher that they will get to know and be with on a daily basis. Parents can expect to get to know their child’s homeroom teacher very well over the course of the year. The homeroom teacher in grade 7 will teach 3-4 of the classes core subjects (math, language arts, science and social studies). In grade 8 each homeroom teacher will teach 2 core subjects. Traveling between classes and learning from teachers with varied expectations will assist you when you get to the high school and see a different teacher for each subject.

We have designed our educational approach so that there is something to motivate everyone. There is a mixture of both positive and negative reinforcement. The expectations are clear and easy to understand because we believe “if you know what is expected; you will be able to live up to the standard.” The biggest and best known program we have is our Renaissance program. Our School Trustee for Fox Run is Jackie Swainson. The link to her bio is here.  Jackie Swainson does a lot of great things for our school and community and is always interested in hearing the priorities and comments from our parents and families.