Parent/Teacher/Student (PTS) Conferences March 27th & 28th

Booking a PTS Conference:

  • Registrations will be open March 18th at 4pm
  • Registrations will close March 25th at 4pm
  • Please note:
    • When selecting a time slot, additional times are available by scrolling to the right ------->
  • If you have any issues or you would like to make an appointment after this time, please email your child's teacher or contact the school at 403-887-0491.


Homeroom Teacher(s):

  • Please join us on Wednesday March 27th to discuss your child's learning and progress during Parent/Teacher/Student (PTS) Conferences. 
    • See information below to book a time with your child's teacher(s).
    • If you are unable to meet this days, please email your child's teacher to make alternative arrangements.
    • We are doing in-person meetings on this day
  • Thursday, March 28th will be reserved for teachers and parents to meet and discuss students that require support plans (IPPs, LSPs, KITE plans, etc).
    • Teachers and parents may choose to meet before this date if needed. 


  • Mr. Rattray and Mrs. Lynn will be available for in-person meetings on both March 27th and March 28th.
    •  See information below to book a time to meet.

Registrations are closed at this time.