French Immersion

What is French Immersion?

French Immersion is an optional program in which students study the Alberta curriculum with French being the language of instruction. In addition to the four core subjects (math, science, social studies and English Language Arts), students study French Language Arts as a core subject.

The French Immersion Experience

École Fox Run is a Middle Years School consisting of grade 7 and 8. Within the grades, our French Immersion students have all of their core subjects in French, except English Language arts. For more information about our community plan for French Immersion in Sylvan Lake please click here.

This program is a continued program from the elementary level. If you are new to our community, and would like to sign up your child for our program, a French Immersion background is necessary. In addition to the core subjects the students are integrated into the regular school life with the other students by participating in school spirit events, all complimentary courses of their choice, physical education, sports teams and clubs.

The French Immersion students are also involved in the Renaissance program along with the English students. This is a proven academic program based on the key principals of recognition of academic performance and inspiring excellence among students. In addition to French instruction the French Immersion students are exposed to a vast number of cultural experiences including:

· Trip to Quebec every 3 years
· French plays and workshops with Francophone artists.
· French Food
· French music, movies and other artistic forms.
· Les Jeux Francophones (Francophone Games)

Our team
Mme. Johanson and Mme. Fielder will answer any questions you may have.

For more information about our school and the Alberta French Immersion program please visit the sites below.
Chinooks Edge School Division French Immersion page 
Canadian Parents for French
Alberta Government My Child's Learning: A Parent Resource

CESD French Immersion Brochure

Below is more information about our French Immersion program and on DELF (Diplôme D'étude de Langue Française)