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Racquel Fielder

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Grade 7 French Immersion

Phone: 403-887-0491

Bonjour all! I am Racquel Fielder, and I am very excited to be teaching grade 7 again this year!

I graduated with a Baccalauréat en education from Campus Saint-Jean in Edmonton. This is the predominant French Immersion and Francophone educational school in western Canada - Go Centurions! 
As I am a product of the French Immersion program, I feel I know what it takes to succeed in middle school and the demands of French Immersion in high school. I am always happy to speak with you and address any concerns you may have. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me any time. 
When I am not teaching, I am spending time with my two beautiful cats - Nugget and Boba - and with my family. 

Fun Facts about me : 

  • Cats or dogs? CATS! I absolutely adore cats! 
  • Favourite Spirit Day? Pajama Day
  • Favourite Subject? Maths
  • Favourite Food? Perogies with sour cream
  • Favourite Book Series? Twilight
  • Favourite Video Games? The Legend of Zelda games or Animal Crossing
  • Favourite TV Show? The Mentalist
  • Favourite Colour? Pastel pink or purple
  • Biggest Pet Peeve? Writing in yellow crayon/ink
  • Fun Fact? My socks never match

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