Cross Country Running


CENNA Run will be held in Innisfail on Thursday, October 6.

Location is Centennial Park, Innisfail.

Leaving Fox Run School on the bus at 12:15pm. Run starts approx. 1:30pm We will be back to Fox Run School approx. 4:15pm to 4:30pm. Parents are more than welcome to come and cheer on Fox Run Cross Country runners!

2022/2023 Dawe Run Participants

Sarah Jo McAuley
Hailey McWhirter
Cassidy Roberts
Dominic Silvernagle
Sydnee Fahrenschon
Steven McMurray
Leah Schalkwyk
Brooklyn Sushynski
Brooke McPeek
Megan Crate
Cory Henning
Rylan Hansen
Maya Rogers
Kinley Carlson
Tresten Edgar
Ayla Martens
Trent Poulsen
Harper Rudy
Katrin Motyckova
Tristin Wiebe
James Giesbrecht
Chloe Cameron
Khloe-Rae Burt-Miller
EunGyeong Yoon
Maddox Howatt
Logan Maier
Colten Walker
Adrianna O'Halligan


Cross Country RUNNING Team

We are looking forward to a fun season!  Our goals, as coaches, is to foster an interest and love of running, to feel a sense of belonging with a team, to have fun with other students and staff along with developing strong bodies. We will start with shorter runs and work our way up to longer runs; at max of 3kms.  We will be running the trail around the Fox Run Subdivision during our training. The season runs September and October.

  1. Meets are usually held during school time.  The following dates are meets we will be attending this season:
    1. Schedules (practices, meets, team events) will all be kept updated on the website
    2. Practices  Tuesday and Thursday at lunch and recess
  • Meets - two this fall
    1. Dawe Run - Red Deer - tentative date Sept. 20th - details to come
    2. CENNA - October 6 in Innisfail during the school day  - details to come
  1. Meets - Information to come - check the website
  2. Effort and Attitude are crucial parts of being a successful team. All athletes are expected to put forth their best effort in all practices and games and display strong, positive leadership skills. 
  3. Notify your coaches if you can’t make a practice or game.  Your responsibility is to attend every scheduled practice and game.   If you need to be excused from attending, please inform one of your coaches well before the event begins. 
  4. Attendance at school is important.  An athlete may not participate in a practice or a game held on the evening of a school day if he/she did not attend school that day.
  5. Good behavior on and off of the team is a must.  The conduct of the athletes must be the same as what is expected during normal school hours.   Athletes are representatives of École Fox Run School and must conduct themselves in a manner which will promote a positive reputation for our school. Students receiving a school suspension may not participate for the duration of the suspension.  Coaches, homeroom teachers, and administration will review the team membership status of any athlete who receives a school suspension.
  6. Good grades are important for student athletes. All athletes must maintain their grades in school.  Your coaches will be in touch with your classroom teachers to ensure that all athletes are working to the very best of their ability in all subject areas.
  7. Athletic attire is important to being prepared to run.  Athletes need to make sure they have a pair of appropriate running shoes that will be used outdoors, athletic pants or shorts (Fox Run appropriate) and a Fox Run Cross-Country t-shirt.
  8.  Cost of joining the team is $35.00 .  That includes the cost of bus transportation to and from the meets, snacks, t-shirts and wind up party at the end. Fees will be added to the online accounts.

Thank you,

Mrs. Daniels Mrs. Olmstead