Jr. Volleyball

Stay tuned for more information coming in Sept 2022

Fox Run Expectations:

    1. Schedules (practices, games, team events) will all be kept updated below.
    2. Practices  TBD 
    3. Games TBD
    4. Effort and Attitude are crucial parts of being a successful team. All athletes are expected to put forth their best effort in all practices and games and display strong, positive leadership skills. 
    5. Notify your coaches if you can’t make a practice or game.  Your responsibility is to attend every scheduled practice and game.   If you need to be excused from attending, please inform one of your coaches well before the event begins. 
    6. Attendance at school is important.  An athlete may not participate in a practice or a game held on the evening of a school day if he/she did not attend school that day.
    7. Good behavior on and off of the court is a must.  The conduct of the athletes must be the same as what is expected during normal school hours.   Athletes are representatives of École Fox Run School and must conduct themselves in a manner which will promote a positive reputation for our school. Students receiving a school suspension may not participate for the duration of the suspension.  Coaches, homeroom teachers, and administration will review the team membership status of any athlete who receives a school suspension.
    8. Good grades are important for student athletes. All athletes must maintain their grades in school.  Your coaches will be in touch with your classroom teachers to ensure that all athletes are working to the very best of their ability in all subject areas.
    9. Athletic attire is important to being prepared to play.  Athletes need to make sure they have a pair of appropriate running shoes that will be used indoors only, dark shorts (Fox Run appropriate) and a Fox Run Athletics t-shirt.  If a student has participated in junior sports before, they will not need to purchase a t-shirt.